Litecoin With Postepay, How To Buy It

More and more users are deciding to use a prepaid card for the purchase of crypto currency, so in this article we will see how to buy Litecoin with Postepay. After all, this is one of the most used payment methods by Italians, if only because it is very practical to manage.

Before you start, however, take a look at the best platforms for trading on Litecoin with Postepay; platforms naturally selected for you taking into account key factors such as popularity, security and legality.

How to Trade Litecoin With Postepay on Plus500

Plus500 is one of the most important brokers in the industry because it allows you to trade 360 degrees not only on the assets most commonly used in financial speculation, but also on the much-needed crypto currencies. This platform allows you to make upward and downward transactions on Litecoin, using a wide range of payment methods including Postepay.

For those who do not know, Postepay is a prepaid card that is part of the VISA circuit: this means that to be able to use it for deposit and withdrawal of money, you must first choose the option “credit card” and then enter the identification number of your Postepay. Then you enter the 16-digit number and, unless there are any errors, the system will automatically recognize your card and bring it back to the VISA circuit. Don’t forget to enter the 3-digit security code on the back of the card. Now choose the amount you want to use for trading and confirm.

Don’t be afraid that Plus500 will somehow steal money from you without your knowledge, as this is one of the most authoritative, secure and prestigious platforms in the industry. In addition to being present in more than 100 countries around the world, Plus500 is also an integral part of the Italian reality for the past ten years, and since 2012 also allows you to operate with crypto currencies: yes, Plus500 was a pioneer in this regard, because it began to take an interest in cryptomonics when most of us did not even know what they were.

Another trading platform you can point to is We are talking about a broker who is also very active in the field of crypto currency, as well as a reality that allows you to make a deposit with Postepay. allows you to trade only with Bitcoin, so at the moment do not hope to use it to trade with other crypto currencies (it is good to keep your attention, as nothing prohibits us from thinking that sooner or later its range of action will not expand).

Buy Litecoin With Postepay on eToro

In all this, we could certainly not have forgotten eToro, which, until proven otherwise, continues to remain one of the highest quality brokers. To buy Litecoin through postepay on eToro you just need to perform a few simple steps, following the same procedure already seen previously: you just need to go to the deposit area, select the option “credit card” and enter the data of Postepay to continue with the credit.

But is eToro to be trusted? The answer is “absolutely yes”, in the meantime because we are talking about a regulated platform, and then because it has been operating in Italy for years without any kind of problem.

In fact, eToro offers a wider range of services than other brokers, starting from the concepts of social trading and copy trading that in simple terms aim to combine the world of trading with that of social networks. eToro gives users the opportunity to communicate with each other, and then share considerations, analysis and more, to the point of going so far as to copy the transactions made by more experienced traders.

Litecoin With Postepay on IQ Options, Exchanges and Trading Platforms

Also interesting is the IQ Option, which just like the previous alternatives gives the possibility to buy Litecoin directly with Postepay. Here too your card will be recognized as VISA, so the procedure is exactly what we have seen in previous cases.

IQ Option can be a very interesting choice as it not only allows you to trade on crypto currencies, but also to trade with common financial assets such as binary options. IQ Option is a particularly popular and appreciated choice because it offers intuitive graphical interfaces, rich in indicators and tools to improve the interpretation of data. It also provides a valuable assistance and support service, as well as the possibility of interacting with other users by exchanging opinions and various considerations.

Buy Litecoin on Coinbase With Postepay

Coinbase is an e-wallet that operates on a small circle of crypto currencies, including Litecoin. Coinbase is now the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, so it is also reliable for operation with other crypto currencies. In this case you can buy up to 150 euros of Litecoin with Postepay, and the same goes for other credit or debit cards, even if you know that you will end up paying a fixed commission of 2.99% on transactions.

If, however, the idea of having to pay this commission does not bother you, then proceed by opening an account with Coinbase, linking the card to the account, verifying your identity and then proceeding with the purchase of currency.

On Which Exchanges Can You Buy Litecoin With Postepay?

In addition to Coinbase, there are other exchanges that allow you to buy LTC as well as other crypto currencies. Among these we can not help but mention the various Kraken, Bitpanda and CoinMama. Interesting is also the LocalBitcoins hypothesis, although in this case we are talking about a platform perhaps difficult to use for those who have no experience and also not very convenient from an economic point of view (if nothing else given the high fees charged).

In any case, we would like to advise you to operate in a safe and known environment.

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