Forexexclusiv, What Is It? Does It Work? Reviews And Opinions

Does Forexexclusiv or Forexclusiv really work or is it just advertising? It may have happened to you, recited a famous song, to read a few articles online and among the related find titles such as “Separate Mom redeems and becomes a millionaire,” or “Here are the jobs paid more from home, to do even with the computer. The funny thing is that by clicking on the second, you can get to the first. That is, by clicking on the highest paid jobs from home, you get to that of the separated mother who, hear you, has been enriched with online trading.

We have been operating in the sector for years and seeing these advertisements makes us collapse, because attracting customers with these illusions is really embarrassing. We do not criticize the latest product, but surely the way in which we promote it. Below, we will analyze one of the many advertisements of Forexexclusiv to make it clear, to those who do not know it, how it looks.

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Forexexclusiv, Trading Success Stories. Invent.

It’s not us who say it, but themselves. Here is what you can read below under each of their articles. It is the so-called “disclaimer” that must be put by law. At least in this, they are 100% correct. Let’s read it.

For this last week of November before some Stock Exchange advice on securities to be taken into account for online trading we offer you a preparatory to the very activity of trading. Especially if you have just started or if you are not an expert, read our latest lessons on Forex, available in the section “Forex Course” from the menu at the top of the page. In this course we started from the beginning, from the basics, and we have reached the concepts of Support and Resistance, of Significance of the same and today we have published a lecture on Pivot Points. As you may have understood it is a work in progress, so soon we will publish more and more specific lessons with practical examples.

Going back to the week ahead, we see how one of the most interesting financial products to follow is the Mib40 index, which can be followed through this chart.

As you can see (if you read this article today, Sunday 23 November), Friday was a pretty good rise, with +3.65% for CFDs. Now, let’s consider one aspect well, namely the value of the CFD (19873) as opposed to that of the real market of 19954.51 (Mib40) with a difference because it is precisely a CFD, or a passive instrument that passively replicates (or follows) its underlying but also the market of supply and demand for the same CFDs. In this case, the underlying is the Mib40 index formed by the 40 most capitalized Italian companies listed on the Stock Exchange, not to be confused with the FTSE Mib because the latter includes many more companies. However, as you can see from the last session of CFDs, even those who traded online were able to enjoy 3 points and 65 of increase and then get a great gain in a single day.

The Ita40 index will be the protagonist of the fourth week of November, which we recommend you take into account. In fact, the answers of the European Commission on the Renzi government’s stability law and the reply to the letter sent by the Minister of Economy Padoan to two important members of the committee, including the Secretary of Economic Affairs, will arrive soon. If positive responses are received, the Mib40 index can even be expected to rise to 210000 as in the first part of 2014. It is certainly worth keeping an eye on the situation and being ready to place an order from home or from your mobile phone. However, we recommend that you always act in advance and do not wait for prices to rise long before placing an order. In short, show your spirit as a trader.

The second financial product to keep an eye on is oil, which has recently seen a drop in its value as a result of overproduction in conjunction with falling demand. This will cause many traumas in 2015, for exporting countries but with low GDP, such as Venezuela, but also for Brazil, emerging countries or developing countries that base their economy on the production of oil.

The increase in production is mainly caused by the United States, which has done so exponentially, while OPEC does not vary its supply. The only good thing about this whole thing is that we are going to pay less for petrol, or at least we should pay less. But you know how these things work. Anyway, going back to online trading, clicking on the 4h and 1d buttons of the chart you can better understand how the oil price is going. The price here refers to the price per barrel in dollars (Light Sweet Crude Oil).

Even more interesting for the short term is the Natural Gas. To understand better immediately we refer you to the chart below, where by clicking the 4h button you can see the current situation.

It is always a volatile product, so it is always very interesting for the most professional traders. These days it proves even more interesting because of the upward and downward peaks decidedly prominent. This is a level of support and resistance that certainly goes beyond the level S1 and R1. It will be interesting to read articles around the international web about this. In this case, the graph refers to the mmBtu or the so-called “British Termal Unit” or the units of measurement for measuring energy in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. With trading you can also learn many interesting things about culture, geography and English!

Culture aside, we continue with our analysis of the stock exchange week and not only, as you could see. Let’s now move on to some interesting action. The BMPS shares are still struggling to trace as they expect judgments on the new recapitalization plan, which has been presented but which still needs to be implemented. This is why there will be a short time (about 2 months) so all of you dear friends, investors and traders will not have much to wait to see your shares go up, or to trade up again. Yes, we are quite optimistic. Shouldn’t we? At the moment there are few catastrophists, but Montepaschi has already seen and gone through several catastrophic events. In the end it was always saved, first by the State and then by the new management. We will soon dedicate another article to the current situation of Monte Paschi because it is a subject that is dear to many of us.

Remaining in the banking sector, the Unicredit and Banco Popolare shares are the first that should be raised if positive judgements were to arrive on the reforms planned by the government and therefore on the law of stability, the economic law. The banking sector is in fact the first sector to react in Italy, and only then do industrial sectors follow. We must therefore keep an eye on Banco Popolare and Unicredit shares.

Finally, the energy sector never suffers too heavy blows, especially when it comes to renewable energy, which is constantly growing (although at various speeds). This is true not only for Italy but for the whole world, so keep an eye on all public limited companies that produce renewable energy. In this sense, watch out for the laws of host countries that offer incentives to produce and consume solar, wind, etc. energy.

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